nazir tanbouli Nazir Tanbouli does public murals, and runs a variety of projects that invite people to participate in art in different ways
"My art work is triggered most of the time by social issues, principally urban culture in its social and historical context. Because of this, I find working as an artist in relational practices to be very useful for my artistic development. The involvement helps me to create and develop ideas and techniques that benefits my own practice as well as benefiting the participants.

I see my relational art work as art that is relevant and welcome to the public, rather than being simply a “service.” I believe that my approach can raise the profile of the public's involvement and sense of satisfaction, by including them in a properly professional production, using a range of art skills."


As an experienced workshop leader, making residencies and workshops in a wide variety of schools and community settings, Nazir has been involved in different aspects of participatory art such as:

  • Participatory mural painting
  • Participatory drawing
  • Digital book making
  • Drawing & illustration
  • Mask making and puppet making
  • Participatory production of films and animation
  • VJ sessions for public events
  • Giving training courses in participatory arts practice, for artists and community workers


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